January 10, 2014

Zelený Les Artist Residency: Works 2011-2013 features three years of documentation and work by resident artists in video, sculpture, photography, sound, writing, and performance.

Czech for “Green Woods,” Zelený Les is a precious land legacy in the Catskill watershed region of New York. Zelený Les Artist Residency, initiated by Catherine Tutter (MAG) in 2011, serves as incubator and land grant for artists to come together and examine the historical, cultural, environmental and personal dimensions of a former 19th century farming homestead. In 2009, the 100-acre tract of forests, meadows and wetlands was established as a permanent conservation site under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The exhibition will show documentation and actual work created by resident artists over a 3-year period, displaying video, sculpture, photography, sound, writing and performance. Featured artists are: John Hudak, Adele Tutter, Colette Aliman & Maria Molteni, Margaret Bellafiore (MAG), n.noon coda. Dennis Friedler, Matthew Glover, Sarah Butler Peck and Catherine Tutter (residency director and MAG). For more information visit:

Gallery opens at 6 PM, Friday, January 10, 2014
Opening reception: 7-9 PM, Friday, January 10, 2014
Closing reception: 2-5 PM, Sunday, January 26,
Viewing hours: Saturday and Sunday 12-5 PM and Weekdays by appointment

September 7, 2013

Local Roots NYC presents: THE GOOD FESTIVAL

The Good Festival hosted by Local Roots NYC celebrates one-of-a-kind local music and food initiatives. It inspires New Yorkers to make, cook, and do right in their own kitchens and backyards. Throughout the night, bands will perform barside in the brick-walled Brooklyn Fire Proof.  In the backyard from 5 – 7:30pm, artisans and food producers will share their skills, inspiring sustainable living and home cooking. This year we are honored to present Maria Molteni’s Inflatable Beehive, a 12 foot tall skep-inspired pneumatic structure where human beeings intertwine to share ideas, research, and other musings.

Tickets are sold at the door and are $7 or $10 to donate a portion to Local Roots NYC’s CSA in the Classroom, a youth program that teaches business skills through the management of a CSA and discusses local food and nutrition.

August 25, 2013

Leland Community Garden Annual Honey Day!

Join us inside the hive on Sunday from 2:00-5:00pm
Resident beekeepers and bloggers, Sadie Richards and Addy Smith-Rieman of Herban Honey, will begin the day by talking briefly about their beekeeping philosophy, opening a hive for curious onlookers (veils will be available), and sampling various local honeys. Local beekeepers Stephanie Elson and Emile Bruneau of The Benevolent Bee will be selling their beehive products as well!
Leland Community Herb Garden
11 Leland Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(a short uphill walk from Forest Hills T-stop)

July 16-21, 2013

Festooning is honored to offer children’s programming at Golden Rule Honey’s 2013 Northeast Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference. Join us at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 456 Litchfield Street  Leominster, MA 01453 for several levels of events. Register for Beginners Intensive, Field Day, Main Conference, and Childrens’ Programming at the link above. Confirmed Speakers include some of the most progressive and natural beekeepers from across the country: Dee Lusby, Michael Bush, Les Crowder, Dr. Paul Arnold, Sam Comfort, Dean (deknow) Stiglitz, Laurie (Ramona) Herboldsheimer, and more!

Topics to include Treatment-Free Models, Bee Breeding, Queen Rearing, Langstroth Management, Top Bar Hive Management, Honeybee Microbes, Flower Nectaries, and more!

June 22, 2013

Massachusettes Beekeepers Association Annual Field Day, South Deerfield, MA

The 2013 Field Day will take place on Saturday June 22nd at the University of Massachusetts Agronomy Farm in·South Deerfield, MA. Field Day is an opportunity to learn from experienced beekeepers the practical tasks of hive management.·Expert beekeepers·volunteer their time to share techniques on pest & disease management, Queen rearing, swarm prevention, and a variety of practical skills.· It is an opportunity to learn and ask questions from some of our best state and New England beekeepers.

Workshop sessions·run from 9:00AM until 4:00PM. and are approximately one hour in length.·Participants can choose·four sessions·from the twenty or more that are scheduled each year. FESTOONING will be bring the inflatable hive out to host a Queen Rearing Workshop presented by Golden Rule Honey. 

June 9, 2013

The Boston Beekeepers have just launched tickets to participate in their 3rd annual Tour de Hives, a biking tour of honey beehives in Boston scheduled for June 9, 2013. Festooning will host picnic festivities in and about the beehive including tastes of delicious treatment free honey courtesy of Golden Rule whose community hives are situated in the Victory Gardens. More information and a schedule of events may be found at the facebook and meetup event postings.

Meet us at the Fenway Victory Gardens from 12:30-3pm for Picnic Inflation!

The 3rd Annual Boston Tour de Hives will engage, educate and enchant you with a first-hand look at honeybees in hives across the city, and will be guided by the humans who tend them. Downtown Boston, the North End, the South End & Fenway Victory Gardens will all be stops on this year’s tour, which you will visit by bike (or other means of transport if you prefer). Join us for one stop or the whole day!

March 20, 2013

We are pleased to re-present Kathryn Spilios PHD as part of Festooning programming this Wednesday at 1pm. We were sad that she was lost from our lineup during wintry mix-ups, but the BU Beekeepers will host her wonderful presentation on Waggle Dancing inside of our installation. Come visit us at 808 Commonwealth Ave on March 20th!

1pm // Life of the Party // BU Beekeepers invite Kathryn E Spilios Ph.D

The social life of bees is quite complex, but beautifully organized. Through a series of dance steps, the bees are able to communicate complicated information about their environment and encourage other bees to visit the flowers and bring back more food to keep the party going. Boston University’s very own Kathryn Spilios joins us from the Department of Biology to share her research focused on colony-level organization and communication in bees.

March 17

This Sunday, March 17, we invite you to huddle inside of the inflatable beehive for a performance and reading circle. Join artists Hermione Spriggs (UK/San Diego) and Susan Sakash (Providence, RI) in a creative cross-pollination and conversation combining respective projects Telling the Bees? and Where’s Your Honey?

We’d like to keep some surprise but as we muse upon Hermione’s Birth of the Apiary, Heather Kapplow will be the subject of an intimate stick and poke.  If you are so inspired Spriggs has provided a participatory element that’s a bit more temporary. We will engage in a discussion with the artists on the issues from trust to corporeal/psychological control, economic objectification to invested gratification, pain to sweetness and beyond in this durational performance. To learn more about their projects view the text below!

View more info about the artists and their projects here: Telling the Bees? & Where’s Your Honey?

Birth of the Apiary    MereYoungerSnapshotSusanSakash


Please observe the new and improved schedule for our February 23rd Apisocial Saturday, 11:30am-5:30pm at Boston University’s 808 Gallery (808 Commonwealth Ave, Boston). Last week’s blizz put a damper on our buzz, but allowed us to consolidate both events into one! Both of our special out-of-town guests will be presenting with a handful of amazing local beekeepers. We have added a reception where you may sip some local meade and nibble at home-made treats. Check out our poster below and invite your friends!

As the chilly season approaches don’t succumb to brainfreeze or anti-socialites. February 23rd you are called to cluster, honeybee style, in Boston University’s 808 Gallery to learn a little something new about beehavior, community, and contemporary environmentalism. Keep the energy and ideas circulating as you rub elbows and antennae with an exceptional array of beekeepers, designers, community builders and apicultural experts.

pamphlet inside yo2 color

12-2:30pm // Urban Hex: Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape
As troubling news of Colony Collapse Disorder sweeps the planet, there is not only a rise in environmental awareness, but an effort to encourage fewer hives in the care of more individuals. In an attempt to restore the potential for biodiversity and refocus beekeeping from a dominant industrial realm, urban beekeeping has taken the spotlight with an array of innovative solutions. Today you’ll hear about the importance of community, urban agricultural spaces, and mentorship in cities stretching from Massachusetts to the Netherlands!

12pm // Bees over Boston // Golden Rule Honey

12:30pm // Herban|Urban Honey Flow // Leland Street Community Garden

1pm // Banks of the Charles & Tour De Hives // BU Beekeepers 

1:30pm // SKY HIVE // SPECIAL GUESTS The Bee Collective

*2pm // Urban Hex Panel Discussion // Honeybees and Community in the Urban Landscape*

 3-5:30pm // Teachers’ Pets // An Introduction to Apiphilia
Ok Cupid, your classic pick-up “Save the bees!” only got us so far with environmentalism. We’re ready to take our relationship to the next level. Today’s speakers offer a drop of science, pinch of art history, and spritz of classic sex-ed – an intriguing brew that may leave you hooked on Apis mellifera. Learning to understand these ladies may help us identify our own needs. A mere teaser will introduce us to the world of honey beehavior, social (super)organisms, api-architecture, and communication as it may be perceived by and reflected in human nature.

3pm // Love Stings // Dean Stiglitz and Ramona Herboldsheimer of Golden Rule Honey

4:30pm // The Double Decker Dodeca  // Beekeeper Ron Breland

5:30-7pm // Reception // We invite you to stick around after lectures. Meet the presenters, pick some bee brains to celebrate the end of our series. Special guest musician Borey Shin will set the tone with experimental DRONE!

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  1. I am a beekeeper and a visual artist who has done a lot of work with printed images of bees in both installations and in artist books and prints. Alas, I have to bee in NY this weekend. I hope this is a great event. I am really sorry to to be able to attend. Loved the ideas of the people from the netherlands.

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