Maria Molteni and Colette Aliman, both artists of the inflatable persuasion, have consumed enough bee product and lore to develop acute Hive Minds and a very special artistic relationship.

Maria Molteni is a multimedia artist, educator, beekeeper and organizer. She has an extensive background in apiculture, having studied with radical beekeepers from across the country and completed a beekeeping-artist residency at Mildred’s Lane (Beach Lake, PA) in 2010. Originally from Nashville, TN, Maria came to Boston to study painting and has lived there since receiving a BFA from Boston University. View more of her work here: Maria Molteni

Colette Aliman is a video performance artist, often performing repetitive movements on her sculptural apparatuses. Her past works have involved inflatable expertise. She was part of the building and currently works at the two start up companies, Yes.Oui.Si multi-sensory exhibition space and Follow The Honey, a brick and mortar store that has everything to do with bees and the concerns of today. Colette will receive her BFA diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2013. See more of her work here: Colette Aliman

 observation coco Peekaboo

Middle by Oliva Ives-Florez // Right by Nick Olsen

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