Festooning presents AFTERSWARM from Colette Aliman on Vimeo

Afterswarm, 2013
Festooning the Inflatable Beehive collaborators
Colette Aliman and Maria Molteni

Afterswarm, edited by Colette Aliman, presents corresponding performances inspired by the Zeleny Les Artist Resideny in Bloomville, New York.

Colette, who attended as a resident artist in 2013, addresses natural, architectural and familial cycles based on site specific narrative. Channeling swarms of bees that once inhabited the family’s abandoned barn, she builds and performs upon the land using found materials and, finally, smoke as a medium. Maria, however far away from Zeleny Les, mirrors this inflammation beneath her own skin as she administers a series of controlled honeybee stings beside hives she tends in Leominster and Boston, Massachusetts. 

“Bees Over Boston” lecture by Dean Stiglitz of Golden Rule Honey from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

Bees Over Boston // Golden Rule Honey

The interface between honey bees and an urban environment (population, infrastructure and flora) is a fascinating lens through which to look at our alteration of natural environments and how powerfully nature pushes back. From the roof of the Intercontinental Hotel and the historic Fenway Victory Gardens, to an organic farm in the Boston Harbor’s Long Island, Golden Rule manages bees in diverse Boston locations. They will discuss some of the challenges, rewards, and surprises involved in managing bees, breeding bees, and teaching beekeepers within the city limits.

“Herban|Urban Honey Flow” presentation by Leland Street Community Gardeners from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

Herban|Urban Honey Flow // Leland Street Community Garden
The lineage of Boston beekeepers at the Leland Street Community Garden in Jamaica Plain spans 15 years. The latest apiarist duo to share hive space are Sadie Richards and Addy Smith-Reiman. Their approach to keeping bees in an urban communal community garden is focused on educating the local community about urban beekeeping in a public place. Along with one of the garden founders, Kathleen Robinson, they’ll share their tales of urban apiculture, communal gardening and the traditions established by the forethought to establish and encourage the keeping of bees in the garden.

“Sky Hive” presented by Bee Collective at Apisocial Saturdays from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

“Sky Hive” presented by Bee Collective:
Hailing all the way from the Netherlands is a cooperation of beekeepers and designers searching for new ways to stimulate and enable beekeeping in a contemporary living environment. This collective, hailing from the Netherlands works for a broader understanding of the function and functioning of bees, brings together next generation beekeepers in a network and invites people to become a beekeeper. One of their products, the Sky Hive, enables beekeeping legally in urban, public spaces throughout Europe.

“Family Values” lecture by beekeeper Laurie (Ramona) Herboldsheimer of Golden Rule Honey from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

Family Values: Heather Has Two Mom-Bees:
Fatal exploding penises? Sperm with wings? Queens mating with other queens? If you don’t believe your imagination gather around the Inflato-hive to learn more about bees on bees. In two parts knowledgeable beekeepers Ramona would like to share the surprising and the often tragic facts regarding sex and honey bees, honey bee genetics, and the “Family Values” that dictate and rule over the honey bee democracy.

“The Double Decker Dodeca” Lecture by Ron Breland from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

The Double Decker Dodeca // Beekeeper Ron Breland

Why not make a hive out of Frozen Music? Ron’s experiments with alternative hive design for over forty years have convinced him that if we are to put Art back into the “Art of Beekeeping,” we must learn how to understand what Leonardo da Vinci meant when he spoke of The Shape and Form of the Invisible. With the help of a little Sacred Geometry from Pythagoras and the “Endless Columns” of Brancusi, we will have a look at the various factors that may, quite possibly, consign the modern bee hive to the dust bin of history.

Foucault’s “Birth of the Apiary” Festooning presents Hermione Spriggs from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

Festooning presents simultaneous performances “Telling the Bees” and “Where’s Your Honey” from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

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