Zelený Les Artist Residency

Collaborators of Festooning the Inflatable Beehive, Maria Molteni and Colette Aliman, are glad to present a new piece at Mobius’s Zelený Les Artist Residency: Works 2011-2013 exhibition open from January 10th to 26th. Festooning was invited to participate with 6 other artists at the Zelený Les Artist Residency in June 2013 in the Catskills, New York. The land in which the residency takes place on is a protected conservation site under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. On this beautiful land artists are invited to observe and respond off of the land and it’s history.

Colette, who attended as a resident artist in 2013, addresses natural, architectural and familial cycles based on site specific narrative. Channeling swarms of bees that once inhabited the family’s abandoned barn, she builds and performs upon the land using found materials and, finally, smoke as a medium. Maria, however far away from Zeleny Les, mirrors this inflammation beneath her own skin as she administers a series of controlled honeybee stings beside hives she tends in Leominster and Boston, Massachusetts.

Documentation from Colette and Maria’s Performances are thus edited together to create an example of the synergy between them.

[vimeo 82689444 w=500 h=281]

Microsoft Word - Zeleny Flyer.docx

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