Leland Community Garden Annual Honey Day!

Leland Street Community Garden Annual Honey Day Celebration!

The lineage of Boston beekeepers at the Leland Street Community Garden in Jamaica Plain spans 15 years. The latest apiarist duo to share hive space are Sadie Richards and Addy Smith-Reiman. Their approach to keeping bees in an urban communal community garden is focused on educating the local community about urban beekeeping in a public place. Along with one of the garden founders, Kathleen Robinson, they share their tales of urban apiculture, communal gardening and the traditions established by the forethought to establish and encourage the keeping of bees in the garden.

Because they were so kind to speak at our Apisocial Saturdays, Colette and Maria brought the inflatable hive out to their annual honey festival!  Besides the Leland gang, local beekeepers Stephanie Elson and Emile Bruneau of The Benevolent Bee and many adults and children from the neighborhood joined in the fun.

To learn more about the history of the Leland Garden, check out their presentation from Apisocial Saturdays:

“Herban|Urban Honey Flow” presentation by Leland Street Community Gardeners from Maria Molteni on Vimeo.

Maria Molteni and Colette Aliman, collaborators on the project Festooning the Inflatable Beehive, invited members of the Leland Street Community Garden to present at their event Apisocial Saturdays. This afternoon of lectures and conversation was part of the “Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures” programming for Boston University 808 Gallery’s exhibition “Systems ECOnomies” curated by Lynne Cooney and Dana Clancy.

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