Festooning @ Tour de Hives!

The Boston Beekeepers have just launched tickets to participate in their 3rd annual Tour de Hives, a biking tour of honey beehives in Boston scheduled for June 9, 2013. Festooning will host picnic festivities in and about the beehive including tastes of delicious treatment free honey courtesy of Golden Rule as well as live session of Drone music presented by Golden Rule’s won Dean Stiglitz and friends. This will all happen alongside their community beehives, situated in the historic Victory Gardens. More information and a schedule of events may be found at the facebook and meetup event postings.

Meet us at the Fenway Victory Gardens from 12:30-3pm for Picnic Inflation!

The 3rd Annual Boston Tour de Hives will engage, educate and enchant you with a first-hand look at honeybees in hives across the city, and will be guided by the humans who tend them. Downtown Boston, the North End, the South End & Fenway Victory Gardens will all be stops on this year’s tour, which you will visit by bike (or other means of transport if you prefer). Join us for one stop or the whole day!

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