Upcoming Apisocial Saturday Feb 23 11:30am-7pm,

Photo by Dana Clancy

Photo by Dana Clancy

Please observe the new and improved schedule for our February 23rd Apisocial Saturday, 11:30am-5:30pm at Boston University’s 808 Gallery (808 Commonwealth Ave, Boston). Last week’s blizz put a damper on our buzz, but allowed us to consolidate both events into one! Both of our special out-of-town guests will be presenting with a handful of amazing local beekeepers. We have added a reception from 5:30-7pm where you may sip some local meade, nibble at home-made treats, and meet the presenters against a background of drone music : ) Check out our poster below and invite your friends!

As the chilly season approaches don’t succumb to brainfreeze or anti-socialites. February 23rd you are called to cluster, honeybee style, in Boston University’s 808 Gallery to learn a little something new about beehavior, community, and contemporary environmentalism. Keep the energy and ideas circulating as you rub elbows and antennae with an exceptional array of beekeepers, designers, community builders and apicultural experts.

Updated Apisocial Saturdays schedule

12-2:30pm // Urban Hex: Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape

As troubling news of Colony Collapse Disorder sweeps the planet, there is not only a rise in environmental awareness, but an effort to encourage fewer hives in the care of more individuals. In an attempt to restore the potential for biodiversity and refocus beekeeping from a dominant industrial realm, urban beekeeping has taken the spotlight with an array of innovative solutions. Today you’ll hear about the importance of community, urban agricultural spaces, and mentorship in cities stretching from Massachusetts to the Netherlands!

12pm // Bees over Boston // Golden Rule Honey

12:30pm // Herban|Urban Honey Flow // Leland Street Community Garden

1pm // Banks of the Charles & Tour De Hives // BU Beekeepers 

1:30pm // SKY HIVE // SPECIAL GUESTS The Bee Collective

*2pm // Urban Hex Panel Discussion // Honeybees and Community in the Urban Landscape*

3-5:30pm // Teachers’ Pets // An Introduction to Apiphilia
Ok Cupid, your classic pick-up “Save the bees!” only got us so far with environmentalism. We’re ready to take our relationship to the next level. Today’s speakers offer a drop of science, pinch of art history, and spritz of classic sex-ed – an intriguing brew that may leave you hooked on Apis mellifera. Learning to understand these ladies may help us identify our own needs. A mere teaser will introduce us to the world of honey beehavior, social (super)organisms, api-architecture, and communication as it may be perceived by and reflected in human nature.

3pm // Love Stings // Dean Stiglitz and Ramona Herboldsheimer of Golden Rule Honey

4:30pm // The Double Decker Dodeca  // Beekeeper Ron Breland

5:30-7pm // Reception // We invite you to stick around after lectures. Meet the presenters, pick some bee brains, and enjoy local meade from Green River Ambrosia to celebrate the end of our series. Special guest musician Borey Shin will set the tone with experimental DRONE!

We are pleased to release this lineup of unique presentations about, within, and alongside our inflatable hive. Such neuro-festooning sessions are free of charge and last the whole afternoon! There will be lectures every hour with time for discussion and inflato-activity between. This series is part of the Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures programing as well as the exhibition System ECOnomies which runs January 24-March 30 (Opening reception Thursday January 24, 6-8pm)

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