Inflato-debut @808 Gallery! System: ECOnomies Opens Thurs 1/24!

System: ECOnomies presents the work of individual artists and collaboratives who consider the themes of sustainability (environmental, cultural, or economic) through the invention or investigation of ecological systems or micro-communities.  The exhibition examines the feasibility of sustainable solutions on small scales and the value of working within modest and minimal means.

We are pleased to be included in this exhibition with many other amazing artists. Our inflatable will debut at the opening for System: ECOnomies, a group show at Boston University (808 commonwealth Ave, Boston) that addresses sustainability in art. The reception is this Thursday 1/24 from 5:30-8pm.


While our opening aligns with the buzz of the presidential inauguration, we plan to ditch the drones and celebrate the worker inside of this lovely communal shelter. Come hang with us and check out amazing works such as Mary Mattingly’s FlockHouses and Andi Sutton/Jane Marsching’s Plotform. Other exciting artists include Future Farmers and the Museum of Post-Natural History! Lynne Cooney and Dana Clancy curated an excellent show about Alternative Visions and Sustainable Futures. It will be on display through March 30.

Don’t Miss it!

And Stay tuned for our February APiSOCIAL SATURDAYS lecture series! Feb 9 & 23


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