Did you know that it takes a female worker bee 21 days to develop in a cell? A queen calls for about 16 days and a drone 24. Apparently it takes two mathematically challenged while highly creative individuals 9 months to design, construct and inflate a 12 x 16 foot skep hive : )

After MUCH buzz and time in the incubator (shouts to Samsøn, Golden Rule, and Headquarters!) we are excited to unveil this colossal form! Begins to make even our giant warehouse space look snug ; )

Raise the Roof  Skylight  Enter the Hive

On the last evening of production we were joined by Zach Lanoue and Olivia Ives-Flores of Collective Creature to film our process for a video documentary they are making. Drop by and support them this Tuesday evening for the Collective Creature Teaser in Kendall and stay tuned for our final product! Some fun shots that Olivia took while filming…

 Peekaboo  watching inflation  Zach filming

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