Learning Curve?

Our friend and admirable builder of the great dodecahedron beehives, Ron Breland suggested that rather than a parabolic curve, Honeybee Festoons might follow the laws of the Catenary Curve. He told us-

Rather than a parabolic curve, I believe the shape and term for the form the bees create is the Catenary Curve. The mathematic formula with it’s constant was discovered by the Swiss mathematician, Leonhardt Euler around 1744.

And provided us with this link from the National Curve Bank!

We’re learning new things every day and eager to soak up more from such generous resources as Ron. This is one of the many conversations we’d love to have inside the hive. We are psyched that he will be taking part in our programming!

To support our endeavors, please visit our Kickstarter. With 30 days still left to go, you have until October 8 to help us meet our goal!

Ron Breland is a radical beekeeper as it suggests a return to the ROOT! Interweaving mathematics, art, and philosophy he is a quite the Renaissance apiarist of the 21st Century ; )

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